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About Mark

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Photograph  Mark in the Kunstmuseum The Hague, where you can find some of the finest architectural models and paintings from Constant’s New Babylon project.

As a systems thinker and sense-maker, I look at the world through different prisms, constantly asking Why is it like that and not like this? So it was perhaps inevitable that making people pause and think and helping them to create meaning out of what they see and experience would become the backbone of my work.


I address what I consider the most meaningful questions in life, such as Who am I?, Where am I heading? and How do I know? Questions like these catalyse profound conversations about what it means to live and lead in times of change. By enabling my clients to have these critical conversations with and about themselves, they become aware of who they truly are and where they want to go. Only then, they can build the capacity for change and self-renewal that will enable them to thrive in complexity, explore uncharted territories and discover otherwise unimagined opportunities — to move forward even when things are ambiguous and uncertain.


My career can be best described as varied, multilayered and polymorphic . It has taken me from marketing and publishing to executive leadership, strategy and innovation consultancy, digital transformation, organisational design, leadership development, and many things in between and beyond. Nicely wrapped together by an implacable curiosity, often expressed in that single question: Why is it like that and not some other way? This simple question has been the catalyst for profound and meaningful change and renewal for the many organisations, leadership teams and executives I am, and have been, fortunate to work with.


“My curiosity is fluid and meandering from developmental psychology, cognitive science and social anthropology to philosophy, architecture and art. I am also a practising Stoic and express all these things and their connections through my work as an executive coach, thinking partner and facilitator of wayfinding conversations.”

  Varied, multilayered and polymorphic is a translation of Varius Multiplex Multiformis, the title of the second chapter of Marguerite Yourcenar’s 1951-novel, Memoirs of Hadrian, about the life and death of the Roman Emperor Hadrian (76–138 AD).


I live in the Netherlands but work across Europe. So regardless of where you are, if you want to know more about my work or explore working together, let’s start a conversation. If distance allows, we can go for a walk or visit a museum. But there is always time for an unhurried conversation.



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