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Most business leaders navigate the world with a ruler, with binary thinking and mechanical models, restlessly searching for straightforward answers and familiar patterns. They have come to see it as a Mondrian painting ; linearly structured, unmistakable, repetitive.


But in reality, our world is much more like a Pollock ; entangled, puzzling, astounding. To flourish in this labyrinth of intersecting crossroads, we need new ways of being and seeing the world, not better rulers.

I help executives and leadership teams transform their ‘inner Mondrian’ so they can see anew and navigate today’s complexity with wisdom & clarity of thought.

I do this through:

01/ Developmental coaching of senior executives

02/ Slow thinking sessions with senior executives

03/ Catalytic conversations with leadership teams

01/ Developmental coaching of senior executives

More and more people are finding their present way of understanding and sense-making inadequate for the growing complexity of the world we are living in. Developing new competencies — ‘better rulers’ — isn’t the answer, though. Today’s complexity requires a radical change in how we see and think.


Developmental coaching  enables you to make the transformation from linear logic to holistic understanding. It allows you to deepen your self-awareness and clarify your values and what to strive for in life — to look at yourself, your role as an executive and your challenges from a broader perspective and through different lenses. 


Developmental coaching isn’t ‘60-minute coaching.’ Together, we engage in a series of unhurried conversations that invite you to look, discover and fathom. Not from behind an office desk, but always in ‘thoughtful’ surroundings where we can lose track of daily concerns and ‘mechanical time.’


For senior executives who have hit their limits and are searching for new and more purposeful ways of being, thinking, and doing.

Developmental coaching is available in the Netherlands and across Europe.

02/ Slow thinking sessions with senior executives

As a senior executive, you often struggle in solitude, battling with complex business challenges and fundamental questions in a world perpetually ridden with uncertainty. What you need in those situations is someone who listens, questions, and observes without judgment and prejudice. Someone who enables you to reveal your inner workings, deepen your understanding and clarify your thinking.


Slow thinking not only helps you organise and clarify your thoughts but also recognise errors and biases. And although it might be motivated by concrete problems, it is not directed at solving those. Instead, it is inward-directed with the intent to improve the process of your thinking — of how you think.


For senior executives who want to unravel and ‘sharpen’ their thinking process to make deliberate and principled decisions.


Slow thinking sessions are only available in the Netherlands.

03/ Catalytic conversations with leadership teams

Conversations are the beating heart of human relationships and often the starting points for change. They allow us to talk about what we think and feel and help us see and understand how others view the world. Building bridges between these different ‘realities’ enables us to discover opportunities we could otherwise never have imagined.


In catalytic conversations, we are curious, open to exploring new perspectives, and willing to suspend judgement. These conversations follow their own qualitative rhythm rather than the ‘tick-tock’ of mechanistic predictability and control. They are less about specific actions or finding answers than they are about intentionally engaging with others — about how we listen, connect our wisdom, learn from each other and grow stronger together as a result.


For leadership teams that want to pursue questions worth asking and engage in open dialogue to make better sense of the many complex challenges they face as a team.


Catalytic conversations are available in the Netherlands and across Europe.


  Together, Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue and Jackson Pollock’s Number 14: Gray are an artful metaphor for the profound differences between complicatedness and complexity.

  Developmental coaching is grounded in constructive developmental theories, such as Robert Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development and Susanne R. Cook-Greuter’s Theory Of Vertical Growth And Meaning Making. What these theories share is the notion that the systems by which we make meaning and understand complexity grow and change over time.


Learn why developmental coaching is important right now.



I live in the Netherlands but work across Europe. So regardless of where you are, if you want to know more about my work or explore working together, let’s start a conversation. We could go for a walk or visit a museum if distance allows. But there is always time for an unhurried (online) conversation.





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