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Wayfinding walks

BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR change isn’t always easy. What at first looks like an excellent opportunity to innovate or influence the future of your company or organisation, can quickly turn into a path riddled with ifs and buts; a rough journey that can wear down even the strongest of individuals and spirits.


Or maybe you are stuck in your career and wonder whether this is what you have always wanted. You sense something needs to change and start searching for ways to renew yourself or try to find a deeper purpose in your work.


But whom do you turn to? To someone who speaks from personal experience, of course. Someone who deeply understands your quest and can help you navigate and find your way. Someone who reveals fresh perspectives and brings clarity; not by giving all the answers, but by asking the right questions. In short, someone just like me.


The question Why is it like this and not like that? runs like a thread through my career (and life). Not to be ‘contrarian,’ but because I sincerely believe that we can do much better. This not only applies to our companies and the ‘things’ they make but also to ourselves. To who we are and how we give meaning to our life and work in a world where things may happen tomorrow that we cannot foresee today.


So if you are stuck or having trouble moving forward or you have no idea whether you move into the right direction at all, please contact me. I can help. Not from behind a desk, but by engaging in a deep and meaningful conversation during an ‘aimless’ urban walk, like two real flâneurs .

For professionals who are stuck and...

are looking for fresh perspectives on themselves, their work or career

want to sharpen their thoughts and ideas together with someone who listens, questions and observes without judgement and prejudice, and who enables you to reveal your inner workings, deepen your understanding and clarify your thinking 

Wayfinding walks

3-hour walk in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague

always one-on-one

before an online talk to get a good understanding of the challenge at hand

after a personal reflection with ideas and actions that can help you move forward

as a one-off or series of three or five walks

Why walking

“My thoughts sleep if I sit still: my mind does not work unless my legs move it,” the French philosopher and writer Michel de Montaigne wrote in one of his many essays.


While walking, our brains continuously make new connections and are fed by everything that goes on around us; what we see, smell, feel. Walking detaches us from our daily routines and makes us look at ourselves and the world around us with fresh eyes.


Montaigne certainly wasn’t the first to give his brain legs. In classical Greek philosophy, teaching while walking was the most natural thing in the world. The French philosopher Rousseau observed: “When I stand still I stop thinking; my mind only works in conjunction with my legs.” And Nietzsche claimed that “only thoughts that arise through walking are of value.” 

If you want to book your first Wayfinding walk, please get in touch. We will, of course, observe all corona requirements during our walk.

 Flâneur derives from the Old Norse verb flana, which means ‘to wander with no purpose.’ The flâneur was primarily a literary type from 19th-century Paris, closely associated with Haussmann’s boulevards





I live in the Netherlands but work with senior executives and leadership teams across Europe. So regardless of where you are, if you want to explore the possibilities of working together, let’s start a conversation.





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