I am markSTORM.

I catalyse thoughtful change

Catalysing Change & Renewal

I am always searching for the questions that make a difference. This makes me particularly valuable when working with organisations and leaders that need to reinvent themselves.

Transforming Organisations

I work with and from within organisations to transform how people work, learn and create value together, and craft playful cultures that foster exploration and continuous learning.

Developing Leaders

I work with CEOs and
corporate leaders to develop new ways of thinking and 
and build the mindset and agency to successfully navigate todays most complex challenges.

As an independent thinker and sense-maker, I look at the world through different prisms — constantly asking, why is it like this and not like that? So it is perhaps not surprising that changing how people make sense of what they see and experience — how they perceive the world around them — would become the backbone of my work.

In times of hyper-specialism, I traverse what many people regard as separate domains — ever shifting between roles and perspectives, bringing together diverse people, ideas and concepts, and reframing the conversation to catalyse change and renewal.

My curiosity covers a wide range of areas — from cognitive science and philosophy to architecture, art, literature and classical antiquity, all of which is expressed through my work with organisations, their leaders and teams.

In a time when many want to ‘move fast & break things,’ I prefer to move thoughtfully & craft things.


25+ years | C-suite | multinationals, large and mid-size corporations | startups and corporate ventures


corporate entrepreneurship and innovation | strategy and growth | transformational change | organisational learning | leadership development


professional service companies | financial institutions | consultancy | retail and consumer products | technology industry | media and publishing | healthcare | education

As a curious lifewide learner, I value discovery over knowing & becoming over being.

Early 2007, after a 15-year career in marketing and professional and academic publishing, I founded byStorm, a strategy consultancy, followed in 2011 by Bring in the Elephants, a design thinking and innovation agency.


In 2015, I took a step back to reflect and deepen my understanding of complexity and systems thinking. After a spell at a Dutch consultancy firm, where I designed and directed a series of ‘future explorations,’ I now work with organisations and their leadership teams to build the capacity for transformative change.


I live in the Netherlands where I share my life with Iris and our 9-year-old daughter, love classical music and jazz, and am an avid reader with a special interest in cognitive science, philosophy, contemporary art and architecture.