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A little note about this website

“I want to be seen here in my simple, natural, ordinary fashion, without straining or artifice; for it is myself that I portray.” 


WHEN I CRAFTED this website, I wanted it to be uncluttered and unhurried; with a deliberate slowness that tells more about me and how I work than a mer à boire of pictures and words could ever do. The result expresses my love for typography, books and even footnotes. And if you follow the , you will discover a collection of pieces of wisdom and other beautiful things that have made me pause & think.


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 Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), Essays, Book 1, To the reader.







I live in the Netherlands but work with senior executives and leadership teams across Europe. So regardless of where you are, if you want to explore the possibilities of working together, let’s start a conversation.





A little note about this website